The Cookbookery

The New West Cookbookery is a small member-based lending bookshelf between community members. it is specific to food focused and cooking books. The idea came from two friends who noticed they were always swapping their cookbooks back and forth and wanted to open the circle to include others.

The Cookbookery is supported by River Market who has generously donated this space and this shelf, and by Massey Theatre Society who provides support for our software.

To obtain access, you need to be a member, which is an online and/ or app based system. There is no membership fee at this time. You may borrow books for a month, and if no one else has placed a hold, you may check them out again. We ask that you limit your book checkouts to three.

You can also donate books to the Cookbookery permanently (they become part of the Cookbookery’s permanent collection) or for a while if you’re not currently using it.

This Cookbookery is ONLY for food and beverage focused books but keep your eyes open for other “Bookeries” popping up around town.