Book Review: Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food: More Than 100 Delicious, Super-Fast, and Easy Recipes

One of our members checked out Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food and had this to say about it.

I work full time, volunteer with 2 different organizations and curl once a week. Keeping up with cooking at home can be challenging becasue my partner is also active in the community and we have a 9 year old daughter with a her own set of activities. I often only have about 30 mins from the time I get home to get dinner on the table. We try to eat as a family 5-6 nights a week and I prefer to cook from scratch.

This recipe book is amazing. We’ve made 5 recipes from it in the past week and every one of them was delicious and my daughter liked all of them, even the ones with lots of veggies. We’ve tried Quick Minestrone, Roasted Vegetable Panini’s, Bacon, Pea and Goat Cheese Frittata, Pork Chops with Piquant Sauce, and Caramelized Apples & Pears.

The Quick Minestrone had lots of veggies including cabbage and unexpectedly kohl rabbi. It’s also easy to make vegan by leaving out the parmesan cheese.

The Roasted Vegetable Panini’s used pesto as the spread and had zucchini, red peppers and red onions. With the addition of the garlic and thyme to veggies it had great flavour. This is another one that is vegan if you leave out the cheese.

The Bacon, Pea and Goat Cheese Frittata was good but I ended up over-cooking it and it was drier than it should have been. If I make it again I will use back bacon and plan to finish it longer in the oven so the bottom does not end up so dry.

The Pork Chops with Piquant Sauce were very good but this recipe took the longest to prepare due to the chopping of all the veggies in the sauce. It took roughly 45 mins to finish cooking. I would not recommend it for a busy weekday night but it would be a great choice for weekend night dinner with friends. We paired it up with a tossed green salad and nice loaf of bread. We had the Caramelized Apples & Pears for desert. This dish was really great becasue it was not overly sweet. The recipe warns you if you use the dash of alcohol (I used brandy) it may flambé, it definitely will, so be prepared.

I would recommend this book for anyone with basic cooking skills (need to be comfortable dicing, caramelizing sugar, familiar with broiling etc), if you are brand new to cooking I suggest leaving yourself extra time to do all the chopping and be prepared to keep a very close eye on things while they are cooking. It’s a great cookbook for a family on the go and almost every recipe has at least one fruit or veggie in it. One more thing, Ramsay makes use of many spices & herbs so a well stocked spice collection will make sure you aren’t frustrated when you are in rush to get dinner cooked.



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