Book Review: Company’s Coming Chicken, Etc.

Admittedly when growing up the Company’s Coming series was the workhorse of the family kitchen. My owned about 6 of the books and they were our go to’s. This book is the only one I’ve bought as an adult and although I don’t use it much anymore it was incredibly well used in my first few years out the house. The recipes are simple and the majority of the ingredients are easy to get from a regular grocery store.

None of the food is particularly fancy and the dishes are not always the most authentic but they are tasty, filling and great for families. We also found them easy to change up when we were ready to branch out beyond the base recipe. Three of our favourites are Chicken Satay, Chicken Mole and Easy Chicken Bake. One thing to keep in mind is pay attention to the kind of chicken called for. We sometimes tried to switch out thighs for breasts and that didn’t work for every recipe. The chicken would end up dry.


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