What’s This?  

The New West Cookbookery is a small member-based lending bookshelf between community members. It was created by friends who found they were swapping their cookbooks back and forth and wanted to open the circle to include others.

The Cookbookery is supported by River Market who has generously donated this space and this shelf, and by Massey Theatre Society who provides support for our software.

To obtain access, you need to be a member, which is an online based system. There is no membership fee at this time. You may borrow books for a month, and if no one else has placed a hold, you may check them out again.

This Cookbookery is ONLY for food and beverage focused books, but keep yours eyes open for other “Bookeries” popping up around town.



Who owns the books?

Although a few books are part of the permanent collection of the Cookbookery itself, most books  are owned by the person who has put them in the library and that person may take them back at any time. You are borrowing them from the person who owns them, and you should treat the book with the utmost respect.

Can I donate books?

Yes, but currently our library is at capacity thanks to the generosity of New West residents. We will only accept donations of books that come with a review written by the donor. Let us know why you love this cookbook and what your favourite recipes are.

We ask that before leaving a book in the Cookbookery you email us so that we can add it to the catalogue. This is not a place to get rid of piles of unwanted, outdated books as shelf space is limited.

We take two kinds of donations:

  1. You don’t want it back. The book will become the property of the Cookbookery, and Cookbookery keepers can donate it or recycle it as appropriate and if necessary.
  2. You’d like it back. In this case, we’d love to have your book. However, you’ll need to write your name in the book, and understand that something might happen to your book and that Cookbookery keepers cannot be held liable for you book. We use the honour system here, and we assume all members will treat the books with respect, but we cannot make any guarantees.

How do I become a member?

We use Libib, a web-based library software which we provide access to when we have received an application form. To become a member, please fill out our form, and we’ll set up your account and send further instructions in your welcome package. 

How do I sign out a book?

You simply navigate to the Cookbookery’s URL (which you will get in your welcome package), find the book, select “Checkout” and then “Complete”. You can also use the app. 

If for any reason you have troubles with signing books out or in, just email us and we’ll help.